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Water for South Sudan Project Update!
An update on Water For South Sudan Project
(Photo shows residents of the Village of Pankor holding sign thanking our Rotary Club and the Hampton Bays Middle School)
Dear Rotary Club of Hampton Bays Members and Students of Hampton Bays Middle School:
Your compassion, hard work, and amazing support of Water for South Sudan has helped us to continue to provide access to fresh water and hygiene education to the people of South Sudan. Salva and the Water for South Sudan team are so grateful for the outstanding support from you and your community that resulted in a well sponsorship for our program!
I regret to report that our drilling season has now come to a close, and we were not able to drill your well this year. I know that this is disappointing news, and I would like to explain why we could not accommodate your well this season, and our plans for drilling your well next season.
Drilling wells in remote villages is always a challenge, since infrastructure in South Sudan is poor and resources are limited. This year these typical difficulties were exacerbated further by supply chain and logistics delays before the season even began. These delays meant that our drilling season got off to a late start, but we tried to remain optimistic about the number of wells we could drill. Unfortunately, we were not able to complete all the wells on our list.
Since your well was not drilled this season as we had planned, we will be moving your well to the top of our priority list next season, which will begin in December, 2017 or January, 2018, and run until May, 2018. We will also continue to improve and refine our processes, keeping in mind that there are certain aspects of this work that are out of our control. Throughout the season preparation this fall, and the drilling season next year, we will post frequent updates on our website and keep you informed as much as possible. All well photos and information will be sent to sponsors as soon as we receive it, and we’ll post about your well on social media after the season.
Because we recognize how much work goes into achieving a well sponsorship, we want to invite you to a special YouTube Live Session with our Drilling and Rehab team leaders, AJ and Lion. Like Salva, AJ and Lion were also “Lost Boys” who have chosen to go back to South Sudan to help their help their country develop. They are on the front lines of our operations in South Sudan, and will give insight and perspective on how the season went, and what it’s like to drill and rehabilitate wells.
I do have some very good news to share with you as well! We were able to rehab a well on behalf of the Rotary Club of Hampton Bays and Hampton Bays Middle School. I am so excited to share pictures of this well and your banner with you, including before-and-after photos. Your club and school has truly made a difference for the people who use this well. This well was the second well ever drilled by WFSS back in 2005. It is located at 8°33'23.8"N 28°55'33.8"E in the village of Pankor, and serves over 1500 people.
Please let me know if you have any questions about the above. Thank you again for your support.
With kind regards,
Lucie Parfitt, Water for South Sudan